Our Community Partners are funded to deliver services for children aged 0 to 12 years and their families.


The Lismore Transition Program is a locally designed, evidence-based initiative utilising an early childhood intervention framework that provides holistic, flexible, play-based programs for four and five year old children with developmental delays or behavioural challenges. The program provides structured, consistent learning and play environments for two groups of children two days per week. The program builds on the strengths of the children and their immediate environment while acknowledging and celebrating Aboriginal family and culture.

House with no stepsCommunity Partner: House with No Steps | Summerland Early Childhood Intervention

Service Delivery Area: Lismore Primary School

Eligibility: 4 and 5 year old children and their families

Davina Olivieri
Phone: 0428 003 173
Email: DOlivieri@hwns.com.au
Web: www.hwns.com.au

The In School Support Program is a locally-designed, social and emotional learning program providing primary school aged children with the opportunities and support to develop the skills necessary to build resilience; including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, interpersonal capacities and critical and creative thinking. The program has a particular focus on working with children experiencing disadvantage and those at risk of disengaging from school.

The program delivers a set of holistic and targeted activities, excursions and camps, both on and off site.

Community Partner: Red Inc.
RED inc

Service Delivery Area: Lismore South Primary School & Goonellabah Primary School

Eligibility: Children aged 6 - 12 years attending participating schools

Fiona Barrett
Phone: 02 6622 3400
Email: fiona.barrett@redinc.org.au
Web: redinc.org.au

The Jump Up Jarjum provides a Homework Hub for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Kindergarten to Year 6 to develop numeracy and literacy skills. Activities focus on supportive strategies that will assist learning in a fun, interactive and culturally appropriate way.

The Jump up Jarjum program builds upon Aboriginal children’s cultural, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual potential to allow them to engage fully in learning and to make positive choices about their future.

Community Partner: Jarjum Centre

Service Delivery Area: Jarjum Centre Aboriginal Preschool

Eligibility: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 6 - 12 years and their families

Maurita Cavanough
Phone: 02 6621 9203
Email: directorjarjumcentre@gmail.com

The Jarjum Aboriginal Community Development Worker is based at the Lismore Jarjum Centre Preschool four days a week. The role will support the engagement of parents/carers and families through group work, culturally appropriate parenting programs, social and emotional wellbeing activities and community development programs to improve family functioning, parent and child relationships and increase parental confidence and capacity.

Community Partner: Jarjum Centre

Service Delivery Area: Jarjum Preschool

Eligibility: Children aged 2-5 years and their families attending Jarjum Centre

Maurita Cavanough
Phone: 02 6621 9203
Email: directorjarjumcentre@gmail.com

Ready Set Go is a locally-designed, evidence-based early childhood development and family support program providing:
- integrated therapeutic interventions within a transdisciplinary model for children, both directly and through early childhood services and;
- support, advocacy and capacity-building activities  for vulnerable and disadvantaged families whose children aged 0-5yrs have developmental delays

Community Partner: Northern Rivers Children’s Services

Service Delivery Area:  Lismore CfC area and participating Early Childhood Services 

Eligibility: Children aged 0-5 years with developmental delays and their families

Jacqui Rojo
Phone: 02 6626 9041
Email: jacqui.rojo@nrcs.org.au
Website: www.nrcs.org.au

Parent Education provides a suite of targeted parenting courses to families experiencing disadvantage with children aged 0-12 years. The program focuses on building understanding among participants of their child's needs, developing secure parent-child attachments; building enduring social support networks for participants; and enhancing and strengthening the relationship between parents and their child/ren. Courses vary throughout the year.

Community Partner: Interrelate

Service Delivery Area:  Lismore CfC Area

Eligibility: Parents and Carers with children aged 0-12

Belinda Keech
Phone: 02 6623 2750
Email: BelindaK@interrelate.org.au
Website: www.interrelate.org.au


Early Years Network is a locally-designed, community-development program which aims to improve the community’s capacity to collectively benefit young children and their families, focusing on:

  1. improving access to social support and early years services for families with young children;
  2. enhancing the capacity of the early years sector; and
  3. increasing the participation of families in community development activities.

Community Partner: The Family Centre

Service Delivery Area: Murwillumbah CfC Area

Eligibility: Children aged 0 – 6 and their families

Paula Labelle  
Phone: 0476 837 090
Email: paulal@thefamilycentre.org.au
Website: www.thefamilycentre.org.au

The Kids Caring for Country program provides community based cultural activities to school and preschool aged Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children and their families. Activities are driven by community and focus on building community cohesion and increasing family wellbeing.  Specific activities include; KC4C After School Group, Guyahyn Playgroup and the Kinship Festival held every year in May during Families Week.

Community Partner: The Murwillumbah Community Centre 

Service Delivery Area: Murwillumbah CfC Area

Eligibility: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children 0-12 and their families

Lara Bennett
Phone: 02 6672 3003
Email: lara@mccentre.org.au

REALskills Primary Schools program is designed and delivered by The Family Centre and consists of two school based programs, a positive parenting course and a school staff information session.

‘Super Me!’ is the first of the school-based programs and provides whole-of-class group sessions for children aged 9 - 12. Groups complete a 15-week program over two terms of the school year. The program aims to increase levels of resilience and safety for participating children and to increase the capacity of participating teachers to recognise and respond to the emotional needs of their students.

‘Prime To High’ is a three week peer designed transition to high school program for year 6 students. The program aims to increase student’s resilience as they enter high school and explores changing friendship groups, peer pressure and increased study pressures.

‘Soon they’ll be Teenagers’ is a positive parenting course that provides information, tools and strategies for parents of 9 – 12 year olds.

Community Partner: The Family Centre

Service Delivery Area:  Murwillumbah CfC area and selected local primary schools 

Eligibility: Children in Year 5 at participating Primary Schools 

Stephen Hoskins  
Phone: 07 5524 8711
Mail: stephenh@thefamilycentre.org.au
Website: www.thefamilycentre.org.au 

Therapy Connect is an early childhood development and family support program providing integrated time-limited therapeutic interventions within a team-based model for children and their families. Services include Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Psychology.  Therapy Connect also build capacity in Early Childhood Services and assist parents to support children with developmental and behavioural difficulties.

Community Partner: Therapy Matters

Service Delivery Area:  Murwillumbah CfC area

Eligibility: Children aged 0-8 years with developmental delays who are disadvantaged and/or vulnerable and reside or attend educational services within the 2484 postcode or Burringbar community

Jo Bacon (Project Officer)
Phone: 07 5520 7860
Email: therapy.connect@therapymatters.com.au
Website: http://therapymatters.com.au/Services/Projects.aspx and www.therapyconnectalliance.com.au (Website Live in 2018)